About Plum Goose

At Plum Goose, we are passionate about design, and we pride ourselves in providing an avenue to create your perfectly decorated home. We carry thousands of products from a wide range of high-end manufacturers to give you an abundance of options when choosing how to aesthetically renovate any room in your house. We recognize that home decor facilitates your daily environment, which significantly affects your mood and mindset. Therefore we strive to make Plum Goose your destination for sophisticated home furnishing pieces that span a range of materials, designs, sizes, and styles to make any room truly unique and special. We continue to select new manufacturers and artisans from around the world based on this philosophy.

Anne Walker

Anne Walker


From: Beaufort, SC

School: College of Charleston

Hobby: Gardening...In the Spring and Fall

Color: Today it’s coral

Food: Anything my future son in law cooks

Drink: Day-Unsweetened tea with LOTS of ice. Night-wine

Vacation/Place to Visit: Anywhere with a quiet beach / Need to get to France and Italy

Animal: My dog and step dogs. Also shore birds

Chris Fulp


From: Lyman, SC

Hobby: Gardening & Painting

Color: Really depends on the time of year

Food: A fish sandwich from McDonalds

Drink: Iced Tea

Vacation/Place to Visit: I'm perfectly happy being home

Animal: Pretty much any kind of bird that visits my garden



From: Beaufort, SC

Hobby: Playing with my granddaughters

Color: Always changing

Food: Steak

Drink: Vodka Cranberry with lime

Vacation/Place to Visit: St. John/ Love to visit Greece

Animal: My daughters’ dogs