Aidan Gray Unfinished Breakfast Table

BRAND: Aidan Gray


Aidan Gray Unfinished Breakfast Table

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Perfect for almost any decor, this unfinished rustic reclaimed oak table is an impressive 55 round by 30.5 tall. The legs are 18 Long, 13-1/2 tall and tapered to 4. Each leg has approximately 38 of space between them. The impressive center post measures 8 3/4 wide. The base is a solid piece and does not knock down. Because of the unfinished nature of the table, everyday use will begin to show immediately. The more the table is used, the more patina it will gain from water, oil or other substances typically used and served on a table.

On any unfinished wood, we recommend bees wax used periodically which will help prevent any liquid from seeping into the wood. Initially, it will darken the color but over about 30 days or so, it will slowly return to its natural pale color. Bees wax is the best preventative we have found for unfinished wood. Not to mention, it gives a outstanding patina and build up over time that will make the table look even better. It is my personal preference for any unfinished wood in my home. If you choose, you can shine furniture with a little elbow grease, as it is a wax, but it will wear back down to a smooth matte patina. If you get a water ring, just re-wax, it is really simple.