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Founder Mark Moussa and the Arteriors Approach to Design

With deep family roots in the home furnishings industry, Arteriors founder Mark Moussa became an avid student of design at a very young age. His upbringing also provided him with valuable exposure to artisans and design perspectives from all around the world. Combining a strong respect for tradition with an eagerness to explore novel design approaches, Moussa strives to deliver the best of both worlds with each and every Arteriors product.

Moussa's own output often comforts with familiar features, materials, and finishes, while also provoking interest through unexpected but tasteful flourishes, elaborations, and details. Above all else, Moussa believes in the power of beautiful lighting, accessories, and furniture to transform interior spaces in ways that make the lives of real people more rewarding, enjoyable, and satisfying.

Guided by this consistent, overarching vision, Arteriors designers turn out hundreds of new products each year. Just as Moussa did in his youth and still does today, they search the world for inspiration, both keeping up with the latest design developments and delving deeper into well-established traditions.

Many of Arteriors' most important suppliers today have worked with the company since its founding. Some of these relationships, in fact, trace all the way back to the family business that provided young Moussa with the early education and exposure to great design that have proved to be so valuable. Arteriors is also a member or industry partner of a number of major design-focused organizations, including:

  • The International Interior Design Association
  • The American Lighting Association
  • The American Society of Interior Designers
  • The National Kitchen and Bath Association

Even with a long history already behind it, Arteriors is anything but stagnant. In fact, the company consistently stands out with its design innovation and the freshness of its latest collections. Coupled with an unwavering commitment to design excellence and beauty, that makes Arteriors an enduring favorite among Plum Goose customers and our passionate home furnishing experts on staff.

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