by Garrett Fleming

A Plush Chelsea Loft Encrusted in Jewel Tones

New Yorkers Meredith Durone and her husband Anthony, an attorney, each carried their own list of “must haves” from space to space during their house hunt. For Anthony, abundant natural light and space got top billing. Meredith, on the other hand, wanted a pre-war apartment with ceilings high enough to accommodate a tall Christmas tree. Luckily, this Chelsea, NYC loft the pair stumbled upon had it all. Well, almost. The early-1900s-era apartment was move-in ready and featured an updated kitchen, great light, high ceilings and fantastic wood floors. It lacked something mighty important though: personality.

To breathe life into the barren space, Meredith and Anthony turned to Homepolish’s Kevin Clark, a color-blocking master with a keen eye for crafting homes with a collected feel. Without a doubt, his talents made the pairing heavenly. But large part of the project’s success can be attributed to the family’s clear vision for the space. Simply put, they wanted a curated home as vibrant as the block it sits on in Chelsea. Achieving the colorful style had Kevin incorporating furs, vintage-inspired furniture and a sprinkling of jewel tones into each corner of the apartment. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a spot in the house that isn’t splashed in eggplant, emerald or navy blue.

Besides being colorful, Meredith and Anthony also challenged Kevin with making their home tell their story. After all, one of Meredith’s favorite things about NYC is how personal everyone’s apartments are. Stoops utter, “Welcome to my corner of the world,” and many front doors play the role of portal; step through, and you’re transported to the owner’s world. To achieve this, the designer purposefully kept his clients close, allowing them to inform every decision he made.

Once every decoration was in place, it was time for the family to incorporate the most special accessories of all: memories. In December, for example, Meredith finally got to decorate that giant Christmas tree she’d been dreaming of. It stood right next to their custom bookshelves, glittering down on pages of tomes they love, in a home that not only unequivocally embodies their style but that’s unequaled in panache. Scroll down to check it out, and enjoy! —Garrett

Image above: Meredith has a great admiration for fellow creative minds, so she loved learning tips and tricks from designer Kevin Clark. One ingenious idea Kevin had while working with Meredith and her husband was to scatter sheepskins throughout their loft. Not only do they add an eclectic layer to the home, but draping them over furniture also protects the piece from scratching pet claws and hair. 

Photography by Sean Litchfield

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