Bringing the Outdoors into Our Mountain Home

Dum, da da dum! Oh, you guys, I’m so thrilled to reveal the new flooring in our house. It’s been a long time in coming and there’s so much to say about it. We partnered with Pergo flooring to make it happen and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Here’s how the story goes.

Our new flooring with Pergo

New Flooring with Pergo

We moved into our house almost five years ago now (gah! Where does that time go!) from Copenhagen, Denmark, where my husband is from and where we lived for the first few years of our marriage. As you might know based on all the Scandinavian images you’ve seen in every magazine over the past decade, they don’t really do carpet. Like, I can’t think of one situation where I walked in on wall-to-wall carpet. It just doesn’t exist. On the other hand, I bet you havenoticed the hardwood floors with the lovely white walls and the sparse furniture. You know the look, right? Paul also lived in London for a couple of years and became rather, shall we say, grossed out, at the idea of carpeting in specific room, like bathrooms because, well, it doesn’t make any sense, right? He became a staunch supporter of hardwood floors. He loves the feel of it, the look of it, and the clean-up aspect of it. And frankly, I do too! The Danes have a custom of removing their shoes as soon as they enter a house and putting on slippers to keep cozy against the hardwood floors. It’s quite quaint.

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