We live in a busy world, with a third of American adults lacking in sleep. If you’re one of these millions who need an extra couple of hours at night, then you need to find a way to create a space in which you can truly relax. The bedroom should be a place where your mind can be calm and you can drift into sound sleep. With enough sleep, you’ll experience improved cognition, a strengthened immune system, and more positive emotions. Here’s how intelligent interior design can help.

Build a Designated Rest Area Through Decluttering

The brain is programmed to process everything around it. The more stuff that surrounds you, the more stimulated your brain becomes. This can make it hard to switch off. If you’ve ever stared into the ocean or across the South Carolina desert, you’ll know that its calmness, emptiness, and stillness becomes mirrored as an internal meditative state.

Keep decoration to a minimum and clear your bed of work and technology which can be overstimulating. You should switch off electronics well before bed. Use dimmer switches to create a calm atmosphere conducive to sleep.

Use Calm Colors and Dark Curtains

Using bright, brash colors such as red or orange will only keep you awake. The bedroom should be an elegant and serene environment. Pale blues and other pastel colors work well here. They won’t stimulate your brain, but will instead suggest you are among nature, where humans have evolved to feel calm.

You can balance out the pale colors of the walls with dark curtains. This will add a bit of character through contrast while helping to block out the light. Dark blues and browns work best for a grown up and sophisticated style. You can choose to blackout your windows for the best results.

Introduce a Touch of Comfort

Sleep is important as we age and you may find that as time passes, you need higher quality mattresses. In terms of design, you want a style which suggests comfort. This means fluffy cushions and thick duvets. Even choosing a thick carpet over a wooden floor will help your brain to view this as a place of comfort and relaxation.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. If you get the design wrong, you may find it hard to sleep at night. Since it is so vital to your health to get proper rest, spend some time designing a decluttered space, designed with a focus on rest and comfort.