Founder Mark Moussa and the Arteriors Approach to Design

With deep family roots in the home furnishings industry, Arteriors founder Mark Moussa became an avid student of design at a very young age. His upbringing also provided him with valuable exposure to artisans and design perspectives from all around the world. Combining a strong respect for tradition with an eagerness to explore novel design approaches, Moussa strives to deliver the best of both worlds with each and every Arteriors product.

Moussa's own output often comforts with familiar features, materials, and finishes, while also provoking interest through unexpected but tasteful flourishes, elaborations, and details. Above all else, Moussa believes in the power of beautiful lighting, accessories, and furniture to transform interior spaces in ways that make the lives of real people more rewarding, enjoyable, and satisfying.

Guided by this consistent, overarching vision, Arteriors designers turn out hundreds of new products each year. Just as Moussa did in his youth and still does today, they search the world for inspiration, both keeping up with the latest design developments and delving deeper into well-established traditions.

Many of Arteriors' most important suppliers today have worked with the company since its founding. Some of these relationships, in fact, trace all the way back to the family business that provided young Moussa with the early education and exposure to great design that has proved to be so valuable. Arteriors is also a member or industry partner of a number of major design-focused organizations, including:

  • The International Interior Design Association

  • The American Lighting Association

  • The American Society of Interior Designers

  • The National Kitchen and Bath Association

Even with a long history already behind it, Arteriors is anything but stagnant. In fact, the company consistently stands out with its design innovation and the freshness of its latest collections. Coupled with an unwavering commitment to design excellence and beauty, that makes Arteriors an enduring favorite among Plum Goose customers and our passionate home furnishing experts on staff.

Collaborations with Leading Independent Designers

Another important reflection of Moussa's ecumenical approach to the field can be found in Arteriors' various collaborations with talented guest designers. Chosen for the ways by which they can complement and expand upon, rather than merely reinforce, Arteriors' own design strengths and perspectives, these guest designers add new dimensions to the collections of a company that never lacks for either depth or breadth. Arteriors guest designers and their collections have included:

  • Barry Dixon: Like Mark Moussa, Arteriors guest designer Barry Dixon has a deeply global sense of design that became established early in his youth. Now based in Virginia, Dixon traveled the world as a youngster, spending time everywhere from India and Pakistan to Korea, South Africa, and New Caledonia before even graduating from high school. Dixon also shares Moussa's appreciation for the best that tradition has to offer, seeing many of his works as "homages" to great designers of the past and cultures all over the globe. The Arteriors Barry Dixon Collection, therefore, adds a distinctive new twist to a familiar, much-appreciated thread that runs through much of the company's output.

  • Jay Jeffers: As an Elle Decor A-list pick, Jay Jeffers is an interior designer with a strong sense of "cool" and an unwavering dedication to functionality and versatility. His Rizzoli-published book, Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool, paints a picture of a designer with a natural bent for sophistication that remains well grounded at all times and in effortless, fluid ways. The Arteriors Jay Jeffers Collection comprises a range of accessories meant for entertaining, all combining elegance and beauty with functionality that encourages relaxation and good times. With Arteriors founder Mark Moussa being an avid host himself, he has described the collaboration with Jeffers as especially satisfying and productive.

  • Laura Kirar: As someone who loves design in all its many forms, Laura Kirar finds inspiration in "art, architecture, fashion and nature." Kirar has frequently received praise for the soulfully artistic quality of her design work, with her New York- and Miami-based firm drawing eager clients from all over the world. Kirar's passion for design makes itself clear in the attention to detail that pervades her output, where seemingly nothing is ever left to chance. At the same time, Kirar's artistic confidence means that her designs never feel artificial or overwrought, with simplicity and an inimitable timelessness running throughout the Arteriors Laura Kirar Collection.

  • Lisa Luby Ryan: Dallas-based interior designer Lisa Luby Ryan also owns and operates one of the Southwest's top boutique antique shops, Vintage Living. A longtime fan of vintage European furniture, Ryan prizes warmth in her designs, always striving for a welcoming, comfortable effect. At the same time, she never succumbs to clutter, employing an acute awareness of space and a carefully considered cleanliness of form to balance her pieces and interior designs. Unveiled in the fall of 2010, the Arteriors Lisa Luby Ryan Collection is both warm and elegant in a rustic but refined way, with designs taking inspiration from sources as diverse as reclaimed wooden shutters and hand-carved Corsican picture frames.

  • Windsor Smith: A favorite interior designer for years among the business and entertainment elite of Los Angeles, Windsor Smith has a flair for distilling age-old classics into essential modern forms. Just as so many Arteriors designs put a fresh face on familiar foundations, Smith's output often concentrates classical mastery into sleek, uncluttered designs with a characteristic dose of added warmth. Veranda magazine chose Smith as one of the 25 most influential interior designers of the last quarter-century, and the Arteriors Windsor Smith Collection makes it clear how the right take on the classics can make them even more relevant and fitting for modern homes.

Always eager to learn and absorb more, Moussa and Arteriors' staff designers take pride in working productively with others. Beyond high-profile collaborations with top designers like those above, Arteriors also constantly seeks out artisans all over the world who can open up new possibilities with their own perspectives and approaches to production. By always keeping things fresh, Arteriors ensures that surprising new outcomes can emerge from even the most traditional starting points.

Three Arteriors Brands, United Under One Vision

Having evolved and expanded significantly over the years, Arteriors now encompasses three distinct brands. Each with a specific focus, these brands cooperate to help the company pursue its consistently ambitious mission with a particular flexibility:

  • Arteriors Home is the company's widest-ranging brand and its consumer-facing flagship. Tasked with turning out everything from "the sublime to the unexpected," the designers of Arteriors Home unveil hundreds of new creations at each of the two annual High Point Market trade shows, events that are regarded by many as the most important in the industry. Fans of home furnishing design can expect that every new Arteriors Home collection will include plenty of pieces that anticipate the latest pronouncements of High Point's renowned "Style Spotters." At the same time, Arteriors Home's designers are always finding new ways to work classic design achievements into fresh, modern forms. Whether in leather, wood, brass, nickel, iron, ceramic, glass, porcelain, or some other material entirely, Arteriors Home is a brand that both covers a great deal of ground and consistently impresses with the details.

  • Mottega by Arteriors is the company's newest brand and, in some respects, its most thoroughly modern. With interest in one-off customized lamps and other lighting rising steadily, Mark Moussa in 2011 resolved with the Mottega brand to fill an increasingly prominent gap in the market. Customers can today select from over a dozen ceramic and glass lamp shapes, more than twenty finishes, and a variety of finials, shades, and bases. Putting the power of design directly at the service of buyers, Mottega has become widely recognized as a pioneering brand with a bright future. Plum Goose design experts can help clients find the perfect customized Mottega lamp for any living space.

  • Arteriors Contract serves commercial customers and designers striving to build their own brands. While Arteriors receives plenty of justified praise for its consistent design excellence, founder Mark Moussa has always emphasized that the company's relationships with its artisan partners have been every bit as important to its success. The Arteriors Contract brand allows others to make use of this proven global network of manufacturers under the guidance of the company's renowned designers and other experts.

Plum Goose offers access to the whole range of Arteriors Home and Mottega offerings. In addition to the many popular items that are in stock at all times, other products can easily be obtained by special order.

Arteriors at Plum Goose

Even with a nearly thirty-year history behind it, Arteriors is a brand that has stood the test of time without ever standing still. The experienced designers at Plum Goose are always happy to help with finding the perfect piece from Arteriors or any other brand, whatever the goal or requirements. With free shipping on most items, guaranteed low prices, and the top-rated customer service, the Plum Goose website makes for the perfect way to browse and shop Arteriors and other top home furnishing designers.

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