Bungalow 5

Honestly inspired by designers and architects, Bungalow 5 is a collection worthy of worldwide following. Operating out of New York City, a small group of architects and designers produce pieces that are stylish, original and a beautiful mix of Eastern and Western influences. Exotic materials from around the world are used to create products like desks, dressers, side tables, lighting, seating and more.

The globe-spanning projects that founders Luca, Marina, and John are constantly working on providing endless inspiration for their collection of furnishings, each with their own interesting essence. Pops of color, unexpected textures, and versatile lines and frames give the collections a surprisingly broad appeal with something for everyone. This variety allows Bungalow 5 to fit easily into the most eclectic of spaces or the most traditional of rooms – which is the hallmark of their style. A comfortably familiar yet incredibly fresh approach to interior design.