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Four Hands: Global Inspiration, Fresh Ideas, and Uncompromising Design

Maintaining a design process it describes as "relentless," Austin-based Four Hands introduces over 500 new pieces of furniture in the average year. With an optimistic, ambitious take on what furniture and great design can do for any space, Four Hands is a favorite of like-minded people from all over. The company's commitment to "furnishing style" and not mere products sees its designers and buyers traveling the world constantly to seek out new ideas, materials, techniques, and sources of inspiration.

That mixture of curiosity and drive translates into pieces that start conversations and transform rooms, as eye-opening freshness slots in alongside classical foundations, innovative textures, and a huge range of materials. From the warmth of wood and the rugged appeal of iron to the sumptuousness of fine upholstery, Four Hands designers and curators love to experiment.

With hundreds of new pieces releasing every year, Four Hands is always working on new collections and adding to existing ones. That has helped keep the company at the leading edge of the industry for over fifteen years. As a result, it has now ranked as one of the country's fastest-growing businesses for over a decade, according to Inc. magazine, an accomplishment almost unique in the home furnishings industry.

Some of the Most Popular Four Hands Collections

Tuning and adjusting each piece until it resonates in the most satisfying possible way, Four Hands designers regularly set brand-new trends for the entire industry, along with reinventing classics. Some of the company's most popular collections and families of recent times include:

  • Reclaimed: Encompassing the Cornwall, Irish Coast, Post & Rail, Settler, Toscana, and other collections, the Reclaimed family boasts a number of members that make prominent use of wood certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Contemporary shapes are embodied in solid woods chosen for their presence and character, including tables, chairs, beds, dressers, and other types of furniture.

  • Bina: As one of the company's most popular and versatile collections, Bina displays much of what makes Four Hands so distinctive. With designs deriving from both Old and New World sources, Bina pieces feature the regular use of reclaimed and sustainably harvested woods while remaining unique.

  • Irondale: Using a typical Parisian flea market as a launching point, the Irondale Collection reaches all the way to industrial designs that remain approachable and welcoming. An easy, low-key air of elegance unites the several approaches of the collection, allowing for creative mixing and matching that produces effortlessly cohesive results.

  • Kensington: With designs that vary from evolved classics to thoroughly modern pieces, the chairs and sofas of the Four Hands Kensington Collection aim at the widest possible appeal. Hardwood construction and clean, simple shapes combine for a timeless kind of beauty, with intricate details cropping up exactly where they are needed.

  • Hughes: As another member of the popular Reclaimed family, the Hughes Collection focuses on reclaimed stone and metal more so than sustainable wood. Refinishing the past in this way yields furniture of striking personality and presence, along with inspiring unique new design ideas.

  • Van Thiel & Co.: While the Four Hands design sensibility is globally informed in notable, purposeful ways, Europe has a special place in the hearts of a number of the company's most influential designers and curators. The Van Thiel & Co. collection focuses on artful, hand-finished reproductions of especially beautiful Old World antiques.

  • Wesson: On the other end of the scale, the Wesson Collection dispenses with tradition in favor of acid-treated iron and truly exotic woods. With materials unlikely to be found anywhere else, the pieces of the Wesson Collection are meant to feel as much like art as furniture, often achieving things upon which few other high-profile designers would even set their sights.

  • Theory: As another collection meant to stand well outside the usual, Theory revolves around found objects and seldom-seen combinations that work out in striking ways. As with the pieces of the Wesson Collection, the artful feeling that pervades the Theory Collection is a clear sign of the ambitiousness that has helped make Four Hands such a success.

Always evolving and finding new ways to surprise and delight, the Four Hands product catalog is one of the most diverse and extensive deliver such a consistently high level of quality. Plum Goose maintains a huge inventory of fine Four Hands furniture from dozens of the company's collections, with other products available by special order.

How Four Hands Moves Forward

A reputation for delivering fresh ideas could be a burden, were it not accompanied by a drive to learn and experience all that the world has to offer. Four Hands has carried this torch gladly for over fifteen years, earning admiration, awards, praise, and fans all the while.

With every new season and show, Four Hands still strives to bring something new and exciting to the table. Most recently, this has included such distinctive design approaches as:

  • Updating Classics with Modern Angles, Spaces, and Supports: Not content either to leave the past behind or to fall fully into its spell, Four Hands designers have been hard at work infusing traditional designs with modern updates. By coupling classic features and materials with modern angles, cutouts, and geometry, Four Hands has synthesized a fresh new look that could prove to be influential.

  • Mingling Materials and Entwining Textures: Surprises of tactile kinds can be some of the most memorable of all. Four Hands has been busy exploring how appropriately paired textures and inventively matched materials can liven up certain designs and add a new dimension of interest to others.

  • Relentless Refinement: Other means of appreciating the past crop up all across Four Hands' newest designs, as even successful, well-established pieces gain new life with the right updates. Even a relatively subtle touch of a modern sort can lighten up a piece that might have started to feel too ponderous, and Four Hands designers are encouraged to seek out such opportunities for improvement.

Browsing and Shopping the Four Hands Collections at Plum Goose

With so much to offer and the proven ability to deliver delightful new surprises, Four Hands has earned its reputation as a top home furnishings designer. Plum Goose is one of the best sources for Four Hands furniture and accessories of all kinds. Our experienced, passionate design experts are happy to provide whatever level of advice and support you might wish for as you browse and shop our website.

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