Noir Furniture

Noir Furniture Delivers Unique Furnishings that Enhance Today’s Homes

People invest a great deal of money in their homes, and they generally want to furnish those homes with pieces that are both unique and stylish. That’s where we come in. Noir Furniture is devoted to creating furnishings that define owners’ visions and lifestyles.

Furnishings Designed the Old-Fashioned Way to Meet Modern Needs

While designing virtually anything can be easily done with the assistance of technology, Noir Furniture is still designed the old-fashioned way—on paper. Doing so allows the designers to follow their imaginations in way computerized design programs often don’t. Without the limitations imposed by digital designs, Noir’s designers are free to envision unique elements and include those elements in truly original pieces.

Finding a Balance

Lead designer Georg Baehler’s mission is to balance his one-of-a-kind plans with the consistency of quality, sustainability, and easy availability. Fine furniture producers are often loathed to manufacture more than a specific number of pieces in a year, but Baehler and his founding partner Stephanie Lu have found a balance that allows them to ensure clients are able to obtain the pieces they want when they want them.

That type of balance also means Noir Furniture clients can realistically expect delivery of the furnishings needed to meet their deadlines. Of course, not every piece can be delivered immediately, but items can be provided to suit the needs of most clients.

Materials Matter and Are Carefully Selected for Each Piece

Whatever the piece being selected, Noir Lighting clients can expect the materials used to be of the best quality available. While some manufacturers stress the use of composites rather than solid woods, Noir Furniture focuses on quality, meaning the woods used are of the highest quality and can be expected to last. Noir’s furniture uses only fine hardwoods with rich, rubbed finishes that bring out the natural beauty of the woods.

Of course, fabrics used are also of high quality to ensure Noir’s clients are not disappointed with the look and feel of upholstery materials on chairs and other furnishings. Materials for lighting fixtures, mirrors, and other furnishings are also carefully selected to guarantee our clients’ full satisfaction.

Choosing Pieces for the Entire Home

Homes reflect the character and style of their owners, and Noir Furniture is known for its commitment to delivering furnishings that create environments that do, in fact, mirror the styles of the homeowners. While often classically inspired, Noir Furniture is truly unique and far different from the pieces typically found in large, big-box furniture stores.

Noir creates furniture that’s not only functional but beautiful and long-lasting as well. In addition, the company places additional emphasis on all products being environmentally friendly, which is not something often seen in the furniture industry.

The company offers a variety of products designed for every room in the home. They include:

  • Seating. Chairs, benches, and quality sofas in a range of styles and materials to suit the design needs of most homes. Both stylish and comfortable, these seating pieces can form the basis for a room’s design theme or fit right in with other furnishings already present.

  • Storage. Sideboards, chests, and bookcases provide storage spaces for those items homeowners typically want out of the way when not in use. However, options for displaying books, lamps, and other objects are available to enhance not only the room itself but the items being displayed as well.

  • Lighting. Chandeliers, sconces, and lamps all play important roles in a home’s overall décor. Noir Furniture offers a wide range of lighting options designed to coordinate with the other furnishing available, but those same lighting options can easily be used to enhance any existing room décor.

  • Mirrors and Art. While rather mundane mirrors can be purchased from many suppliers, truly unique mirrors can make or break the look of a room. Shapes, frames, and other design elements make it possible for homeowners to set off a wall space to draw a viewer’s eye or accentuate the look of other furnishings present. Artwork can also be selected to further develop the look of a specific room. Colors, designs, and frames all work together to coordinate the piece of art as well as other design elements present.

  • Accessories. Quality accessories not only provide ways to develop a cohesive look throughout a home but also to display beautiful works that are noteworthy themselves.

Every item is individually crafted by artisans selected by Noir Furniture to bring the company’s designs to life. With attention to detail, all products are expected to meet the level of quality demanded by the company founders.

Home Designs Evolve Over Time

While many, if not most, homes tend to retain a certain style, over time property owners may want to experiment with new pieces to change the look of a room without changing the overall style. Noir Furniture’s many options allow clients to pick one or many items to obtain the look and feel they’re after.

New construction or remodeling presents other challenges. Noir’s huge collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories provide a way to develop an elegant look that’s easy to fall in love with.

Even a new home will change over time, and that’s where the true value of Noir Furniture’s timeless designs become even more important. New elements can be added at any time without fear of those items looking out of place. When a designer is used, it’s even easier to ensure every element fits with the desired theme.

At Noir Furniture, members of our design team are ready to help clients make those important choices ensuring every item selected contributes to a cohesive look that is both beautiful and functional. If you’ve got any design questions, we’re here to provide the answers you need to make sure the furnishings selected to meet your home’s specific requirements.

Noir Furniture Provides the Value You Need

While high-quality furniture will certainly cost somewhat more than big-box store products, the prices you’ll find at Noir Furniture are certainly competitive with similar offerings. In addition, many of the items we provide are shipped free, further enhancing the value you’ll find at Noir Furniture.

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