Vanguard Furniture

A Full Range of Exquisite, Fully Customizable Vanguard Furniture Products

With thousands of fabrics and finishes to choose from, Vanguard Furniture is a popular, fashion-focused industry leader. For over 45 years, the North Carolina-based company has designed and produced custom-crafted furniture, mirrors, and other products that set trends, enrich lives, and always deliver impressive quality and value.

Plum Goose has the expertise to help customers make the most of the many fabrics, finishes, and designs Vanguard offers. Learn more about what makes Vanguard Furniture special and how Plum Goose works with clients to find the perfect piece for any living space.

The Vanguard Furniture Approach

As a fashion-driven design company, Vanguard has become a household name in the home furnishings marketplace. With accessible, trend-setting styles, the popular brand is a go-to for designers and customers seeking an unbeatable mix of value and informed timely aesthetics.

The custom-crafted furniture created by Vanguard is both elegant and daring, bringing a dose of comfort and familiarity into each line it carries. Lead by designers Thom Filicia, Michael Weiss and John Black, the company prides itself, with good reason, on being a leading fashion influence in the furniture design industry. Each piece prioritizes both design and functionality, using popular styles, textures, trims, tailoring and finishes, all applied with classic methods and sustainable materials.

From Mid-Century modern to traditional, comfortable, transitional and contemporary styles–and everything in between–Vanguard has been bringing affordable, stylish furnishings to every home for 45 years. Sophisticated, high-end fabrics and designs are available right alongside casual, layered looks that add warmth to the home. The Vanguard mix of styles is cohesive, yet varied, offering a wide range of pieces to suit any taste and any room.

Sustainable, American-Made Quality, Care, and Pride

Behind the scenes, Vanguard Furniture is just as impressive. A leading member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, the company takes seriously the task of minimizing waste and turning out environmentally responsible products. From sourcing hardwoods certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council to finding new ways of reusing wood scraps and sawdust, Vanguard produces furniture of which every owner can be proud.

With nearly six hundred craftspeople and other workers employed between the company's facilities in North Carolina and Virginia, Vanguard Furniture remains in touch with its longtime roots. A people-oriented approach to the industry contributes to the warmth and quality of the company's output. Vanguard Furniture cultivates a caring, family-style atmosphere across its large, growing workforce, helping each employee become invested in ways that benefit all involved.

More Than 2,000 Beautiful Fabric, Leather, and Trim Choices

Vanguard Furniture is also known for the quality and breadth of the company's fabric and trim options. Plum Goose experts regard the Vanguard fabric catalog as one of the most impressively well-rounded on the market. Each fabric offering is chosen to support and enhance the design excellence for which the company is so well known. Purchasing a Vanguard Furniture piece through Plum Goose means being able to apply our deeply informed passion for design to an especially rich selection of fabric and trim choices that include:

  • 1,700-plus Top-Quality Fabric Options: From durable, easy-care blends in solid colors to strikingly patterned polyester or acrylic, the Vanguard Furniture material catalog is one of the most extensive around. Plum Goose design experts understand how to maximize the effect of any furniture design by picking out the fabric that will make it most at home in a particular living space.

  • Nearly 200 Colors and Styles of Leather: The right choice of leather can be every bit as powerful, and both Vanguard and Plum Goose are ready to deliver. With color and texture options ranging from "Alfresco Pewter" to "Wallygator Tan," Vanguard's selection covers the whole range of ways by which leather can enhance furniture designs and homes.

  • A Wide Selection of Trim Styles: Many Vanguard designs also include trim elements that can be customized to add a final flourish or integrate a piece even more naturally into its surroundings. Our passionate design specialists can help you select the perfect trim option for your own needs.

A Huge Palette of Finishes that Enhance Vanguard Designs

Vanguard is just as generous with its finishes, offering many of each for its wood, metal, and highly regarded mirror products. The Vanguard-exclusive "Make It Yours" program even allows for two or more finishes to be combined with selected products, opening up many exciting options. The design experts at Plum Goose are always happy to help you make the perfect choice from among Vanguard's options that encompass:

  • Nearly 100 Wood Finishes covering stains, paints, and leaf, many available in premium or artisan-grade treatments. From distressed, antiqued, or brushed stains and paints to gloss-processed gold and silver leaf, Plum Goose design specialists are ready to suggest something that will resonate with your living space.

  • A Full Range of Spectacular Metal Finishes that include everything from warm, aged bronze to deep black lacquer and pristine porcelain white. Metals can be just as lively and appealing as wood, and Vanguard's finishes support everything such materials can accomplish.

  • Mirror Finishes that can empower Vanguard's distinctive, striking mirrors further or add still more warmth and accessibility to a piece meant to lend support. Whether for those who choose one of Vanguard's popular upholstered mirrors or someone who settles on a more forward metallic piece, a properly selected and finished mirror can round out a room well.

Quality, Value, and Design with Vanguard Furniture from Plum Goose

We stock only the brands and pieces that stoke our passion for design, and Vanguard Furniture is one of our favorites. From traditional headboards and beds to elegant seating, modern tables, and more, Vanguard covers a lot of ground in an accomplished, ambitious way.

Have a look through our selection of Vanguard furniture and you'll see that there are a great many possibilities. With every piece being fully customizable, our experts can help you discover something uniquely suitable to your own home.

Whether by picking something ready to go from our inventory or placing the perfect special order, we love to help our clients find exactly what they need. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like some ideas for your own living space.

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