Caracole Stunning and Unique Furniture and Mirrors

Though Caracole is relatively new on the home furnishings scene, the company has created a lasting name for themselves with unique, yet playful pieces that offer an incredible value for high-quality products. Launched in 2009, Caracole set out to create designs with personality, luxury and a broad appeal. Unique material selections combined with out-of-the-box thinking puts the brand in the enviable position of making truly independent pieces that marry happily together, without being lost as part of a larger collection. The result is a fresh approach to furnishings that allow you to exercise your own creativity. After all, the word Caracole itself is defined in the equestrian world as the graceful half-turn executed by a horse and rider, which translated into the home interiors industry, provides the company’s mantra, "a beautiful turn in a new direction."

The highly edited portfolio of furnishings offers exceptional style that is immeasurably adaptable, encouraging consumers to express themselves. This means that distinctive pieces take on a life of their own, unconfined to a collection or grouping in a specific room, allowing them to truly shine. Multi-functional forms elevate pieces from the everyday to the every-room with innovations like hidden charging stations, interesting storage options and special details. Mixing formal, casual, modern and transitional, the conventional styles do not apply, leaving each piece open to interpretation by the consumer. In fact, the Caracole Couture upholstery collection allows you to create your own unique piece with dozens and designs and hundreds of fabric choices.

With an attainable price point and a creative style, Caracole gives designers and consumers a chance to stretch their wings and their budget – creating a layered and eclectic aesthetic that adds warmth to any home.

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