Couture Lamps

Couture Lamps

Couture is passionate about creating our own unique style of lamps and home furnishings. And from our founding, have applied this passion to create products for you to love as much as we do. We are committed to having our artisan-crafted pieces have great design, be made of unique materials - and arrive to you as efficiently [safely] as possible. Always with an eye on maintaining exceptional customer service.

It all began in May 2011...

Our founder + creative director, Todd Sawvelle, began Couture in May of 2011. Always with his eye on trends in fashion and home [after over 20 years experience from retail to wholesale] - Todd felt that there was a niche in the marketplace for well-crafted lamps at pricing that was in the middle of the spectrum from low-end to high-end. He created custom designs and took them to trusted resources to create lamps - exclusively for Couture.

Two years of steady growth led Todd to partner with Mastercraft International [a publicly traded HK-based company] and their Vice President of Product Development, Johnna Dobbs, to take this niche business with three employees - to a broader level of distribution and development. Using the resources of the combined companies, they have partnered to create a new Couture - not only with lamps, but a broad spectrum of home furnishings - from decorative accessories to small accent furniture.

Our Mission

We aim to make Couture your partner for unique artisan-crafted lamps and furnishings for the home. Delivering designer home decor, curated specifically for the designer and specialty retail marketplace - designed by us - for us. Artisan-crafted products rich in texture, made of high quality materials from trusted factory resources in Vietnam and India.

The perfect final touch for any room.

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