Curations Limited Exquisite Furniture for the Office, Living Room, and Dining Room

A very young company, Curations Limited offers a product line that seems experienced, sophisticated and unique – a truly distinct look for the discerning customer. Recognized as a leader in the vintage-inspired home furnishings category, Curations offers a full line of products for every room in the home with designs that are timeless and full of rich tones, textures and character.

Furniture inspiration comes from around the world and is reflected in the varying aesthetics and sleek lines, pulling from high-end fashion and expressing it in fine quality home furnishings. All products are individually handmade, making sure that pieces are consistent, yet full of tiny character-full inconsistencies created by crafting things with care and human hands. Weathered oak and vintage leather are two of the most popular finishes and create a layered and warm feel in your home that can take years to accomplish. Curations uses many high quality materials to craft their furniture including wood, ash, linen, hemp, wool, velvets and leather – all meant to stand the test of time and design.

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