Four Seasons Furniture

Four Seasons Furniture

Four Seasons Furniture Exquisite Fully Customizable Upholstered Furniture

If your style is ever changing, Four Seasons Furniture is your go-to brand. With an emphasis on slipcovered pieces, Four Seasons allows customers the chance to change the look of their furniture with the change of their mind. With multiple arm styles that suit different tastes – from traditional to contemporary – each sofa or chair can be covered with a custom cover, offering a truly unique look as often as you like. Whether the frame is a simple muslin look that’s meant to be slipcovered, or an upholstered piece that just needs an update, Four Seasons has something perfect.

Four Seasons starts with a frame made out of 7/8” hardwood, which is then glued together and then nailed and glued with corner blocks for extra stability. Luxurious cushions promise lasting comfort, and the feather blend option offers even more plush seating that begs you to sit and stay a while.

The majority of Four Seasons fabrics is hand-washed for extra softness and durability and come in a wide range of styles and textures, including cotton twill, chenille and linen. Enjoy endless choices in sofas, chairs, swivels, gliders, storage ottomans and more.

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