Wildwood Lamps

Wildwood Lamps

Wildwood Lamps Exquisite Lighting, Chandeliers, Lamps, and Home Decor

Wildwood Lamps and lighting offers a unique selection of lamps, chandeliers and decorative accessories. What started as a small furniture store in the 1900s blossomed into one grandson’s curiosity and interest in lamps and lampshades. Today, Wildwood’s line of lamps spans over 1000 styles and their store of accessories has ballooned to almost 3000. Their chandelier collections and lamp displays can be viewed in their spacious High Point showroom, featuring Italian style masterpieces in iron, bronze, crystal, antique gold and wood, to name a few.

Each lamp is painstakingly hand-polished, sanded, painted, antiqued and assembled to ensure high quality and unmatched elegance. All Wildwood Lamps designers travel the world for inspiration, collaborating with far eastern and European artisans to bring the most authentic and unique designs to the Wildwood collections. Reproductions are made with meticulous attention to detail and are colored in the old world manner. From traditional to transitional, Wildwood creations blend the techniques and materials of the past with today’s latest inspirational design and style.

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