Worlds Away

Worlds Away

Founded in 1992, Worlds Away has been pushing design boundries since it’s inception. It’s first foray into the design industry revived the painted tole look that was lost in the 80s, and they haven’t looked back since. Handcrafted lighting and painted metal furniture paved the way for an almost cult-like following, and the introduction of mirrored casegoods in the early 2000s ripped open the industry as people clambered for the style.

The popularity of the Hollywood Regency and Mid-Century modern styles was the catalyst for Worlds Away to focus on transitional style, calling to mind the past while hitting a chord with the modern aesthetic. The diverse collection of furniture, casegoods, lighting and accessories offers customers endless possibilities. Hand-leafed and nickel plated iron tables look as current today as they did in the past, and will be timelessly stylish 10 years from now, too.

Whether it’s the original mirrored pieces you’re looking for, more rustic antiqued wood, or even formal brass and gold accents, Worlds Away will have something in every category that suites any design style.

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